The Story of a Christmas Carol

There is only so much I can add to all that is written about Charles Dickens and his famous novel A Christmas Carol, a story that has apparently never been out of print since its first edition in the late 1800s. One can only aim of such success. So what is it that makes this novel so special. In one word, I’d say, relatability.

We are introduced to a grumpy old rich man Ebenezer Scrooge, who despises people, pleasantries, cheer, charity and frankly anything and everything related to being a good human. He doesn’t hurt anyone but is the personification of stinginess and unpleasantness. One day he is visited by the ghost of his dead friend and partner, who seems to be chained by the bad deeds that he did in his lifetime and is forewarned that he will be visited again by three ghosts. These are the ghosts of Christmas – Past, Present and Future.

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Scrooge is visited by these three ghosts in turns and is taken on a journey with them. Rather we are taken on a journey that shows us how a happy go lucky young boy became the grumpy miserly old man we met at the beginning of the story. What Scrooge goes through during this time and the change that it brings about in him is what forms the whole story.

The journey however is quite beautiful. Subtle messages in every encounter, little learnings in episodes happening before them, insights from the situations he has been through, everything is something we can relate to. Something we have seen in our lives too. Everyone of us has an Uncle Scrooge we know of, a grumpy old man who hates human interaction, and this story made me reflect on something I have never thought about – they too might have a story.

A Christmas Carol is a light read, and a good one at that during Christmas time. It fills you will all things wonderful that this festival stands for. And most importantly, it fill you with hope. Of times that can be changed.

Merry Christmas everyone! Lets Dickens and Uncle Scrooge take you into a delightful world.

Photos: Remya Nair

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