And thus she wrote…

After a long break of not writing, an opportunity presented itself to me this summer.

A newsletter I follow and cherish, thealiporepost organised their own poetry writing event in the month of April where writers all over the world participate in what is called the National Poetry Writing Month or NAPOWRIMO for short. The idea is to write a poem everyday for a whole month. The newsletter came up with a set of prompts and I sat down to write poems.

All the poems I have written before this have been expressions of something personal – a person, an incident, an emotion, a moment or a thought. Writing about a bunch of random words was something I didn’t think I could do, and frankly was the bigger challenge than writing every day.

But words, your own or somebody else’s, are like magical spells. They open up windows in your mind and bring out memories and emotions that your pen can’t wait to jot down.

And thus came to being my little poetry collection of 25 poems written in April 2020.

Presenting, Fleeting Words, A Collection of Poems and Photos.

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